So what sort of Job or work are you looking for and as important where do you want to live?

Are you a personal banker, quantitative analyst,  sales executive, or wherever your work experience and objectives are, finding a good employer, a nice environment to work and live is critical to everyone’s happiness and wellbeing.

Did you consider working outside of the USA?

Lets cover off Norman first. Norman is the largest city in and the county seat of Cleveland County in the U.S. state of Oklahoma, and is part of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Norman is located approximately 20 miles south of downtown Oklahoma City and is the third largest city in the state behind Tulsa and Oklahoma City. As of 2006, the city was estimated to have 102,827 full-time residents. It is the business and employment center of Cleveland County.

Norman is home to the University of Oklahoma, the largest university in the state with approximately 30,000 students enrolled. The campus in Norman is a center for scientific and technological research, having contributed over $277 million to such programs in 2009 alone. Norman also enjoys many cultural attractions that are funded by the university.

In 2008, Money Magazine ranked Norman as the 6th best place to live in the United States, the highest of any city in Oklahoma. Personally I would like to live [here]

Norman is the nation’s center for the study of severe weather and is home of the National Storm Prediction Center, National Severe Storms Laboratory, the National Weather Center (a cooperative between the University of Oklahoma and the National Weather Service), and is the proposed location of a future National Weather Museum.

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium n University of Oklahoma, NormanBecause of this strong foundation in weather research, Norman is now home to many weather-related private businesses including Weathernews Americas, Inc., Vieux and Associates, Inc., Weather Decision Technologies, WeatherBank, Inc., and Computational Geosciences, Inc.

In addition, the state’s center of geology-related study, the Oklahoma Geological Survey, is located in Norman. High-tech business and internet jobs and IT employment is not limited to the weather-related in Norman. A recent promising addition to the local business landscape is SouthWest NanoTechnologies (SWeNT). SWeNT is a producer of single-walled carbon nanotubes, which are tiny hollow cylinders of carbon that exhibit extraordinary properties.

Applications include new thermal-optical coatings on aircraft, bullet-proof armor, lighter and more efficient wind turbine blades, touch-screen coatings, solar cells, next-generation flat-panel displays, and non-invasive cancer treatments. With so many of these possible employment and career markets involving green technology, perhaps it is no coincidence that Norman is home to the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council.

In addition to the above, the local business community boasts many major employers, with career opportunities and job vacancies such as: York International/Johnson Controls, Hitachi, Astellas Pharma, Albon Engineering, Xyant Technology, Office Max’s National Sales Center, Sitel (formerly ClientLogic), the USPS National Center for Employee Development, Sysco Foods, AT&T, and several research companies and smaller firms that take advantage of Norman’s business climate.

Norman OK SkylineThe nation’s fourth-largest retail site, University North Park, is currently under construction in Norman along the I-35 corridor between Robinson Street and Tecumseh Road.

When completed the project will feature a two mile stretch of parks, offices, and high-end retail. Recently completed projects include anchor tenants such as Super Target, Petco, Kohl’s, Office Depot, and a ten story Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center.

Maybe Norman has the work vacancy or graduate job you are looking for, why not contact a local employment agency.